Pastoral Care of the Sick

The Church has always been a sign of hope and healing, the place people turn in times of need. The mission statement of St. Anne's state's: That individually and as a community we pledge ourselves to be aware of the needs of others. We must not hesitate to respond to suffering, deprivation, separation or the loss of human dignity.

Bristol Faith in Action Churches in Community Ministry An Interfaith Resource and Referral Ministry 703 Chester Street, Bristol Virginia 24201 276-466-8292, Fax 276-466-9503

Mission: To provide a witness of Christian unity in service and a sign of God's love in and for our community; and to recognize and serve the needy of our community as Christ invites us to do.

Bristol Faith in Action was created for churches to pool their resources and fulfill a common purpose. St. Anne Catholic Church has joined with 44 other church communities to combine resources and coordinate services. BFIA serves residents of Bristol, Virginia and Tennessee, Blountville, and Bluff City. BFIA provides help not only with food, water, and shelter but also with agency referrals, education and job placement, and referrals for counseling. For more information please contact BFIA

Virtus Protecting God's Children We are all created in God's image and likeness. There is a scared dignity that needs to be accorded to every individual regardless of age. One of the responsibilities of the adults in our communities is to provide an environment of love, respect, and care for all our children and youth.

The Virtus Protecting God's Children program is part of the Diocese of Richmond's Safe Environment program. This program outlines the process whereby each parish and the entire diocese have created and will maintain a safe environment for all our children.

Every employee of the Diocese of Richmond and all volunteers that work with children and youth must attend a Protecting God's Children awareness session. After the initial session there are monthly bulletins on the internet that are to be read. For those unable to obtain access to the internet there are copies of the monthly bulletins in the parish and school library.

To sign up for a Virtus session go to

Please help us to protect our precious children from the horrors of sexual abuse and ensure our parish and school is a safe place for all!

Natural Family Planning Natural Family Planning has been called one of the best kept secrets of the Catholic Church. NFP respects the importance of a woman's fertility, promotes communication between the married couple, and follows the church's teaching.

Intercourse expresses the union of husband and wife in the Sacrament of Matrimony. The use of contraception breaks down this union. Also, Pope John Paul II expressed it the couple try to control when human life begins "a power which belongs solely to God; the power to decide, in a final analysis, the coming into existence of a human person."

The introductory class meets for a two hour group session. The instructors then schedule two follow-up sessions over the next six months, meeting individually with participants to answer questions and review their charts.

We are blessed to have a couple in our parish that are certified Couple-to-Couple League NFP instructors.