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Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

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The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) serves the Pastor and St. Anne’s Parish in a variety of ways. The PPC is responsible for communicating with the Pastor the needs and desires of the Parish, consulting with the Pastor in matters involving the welfare of our parishioners, and assisting in activities concerning the spiritual and temporal welfare of the Parish. Any parishioner eighteen (18) years or older who is a practicing Catholic may serve on the PPC. An elected parishioner to the PPC will serve a term of three years. A member of the PPC is expected to attend the regularly scheduled monthly meetings, actively participate in the deliberation of the PPC as well as support PPC and parish activities. He or she should be accessible to parishioners as their representative and, most importantly, be a visible and identifiable witness of our Catholic faith to other parishioners.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) elections will be held the weekend of August 12/13, 2017.

Nominations for three open positions on the PPC will be taken the weekend of July 22/23, 2017. After prayerful consideration, a parishioner may nominate as many as three parishioners including themselves. All parishioners nominated will be contacted by a member of the PPC to see if they agree to be a candidate for election. Because of the importance of this ministry, all nominees will be given until August 1 to let Rosie Mansfield (St. Anne's Office Manager), know if they agree to be a candidate for election. If a nominee agrees to be a candidate, the nominee will need to prepare a brief biography about themselves to include answering the following four questions:

1. What strengths and gifts do I bring to the visioning and consultative work of the Council.

2. What do I see as the top priorities for the Parish as a faith community?

3. What do I see as the greatest challenges facing the Parish community?

4. What do I like best about the Parish?

The biography along with a photograph should be sent electronically to Rosie at the parish office email address - no later than 2pm Tuesday, August 1 so that the information can be shared with the Parish prior to the elections. The information will be posted in the commons on the weekend of August 5/6, as well as posted on the parish website. (If you are not able to send the biography and photo by email, you may bring to the parish office by 2 p.m. August 1.)

The week following the elections, the three individuals with the highest votes will be counted and the names of the three nominees with the highest number of votes will be contacted by the Pastor and announced at Masses.

Any parishioner who is unable to be present on the weekends of the nominations or elections may e-mail their nominations or votes. If you will not be at Mass on nominations weekend (July 22/23) your nominations need to be received via email to the parish office no later than 10am on Monday, July 24. If will not be here for Mass on election weekend (Aug. 12/13) your vote needs to be received via email to the parish office no later than 4pm on Monday, August 14.

Any questions regarding St. Anne's Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) or the election process may be directed to a member of the PPC or to the parish office.



If you wish to contact one of these PPC members, please contact the parish office (276-669-8200) for their address/phone numbers.

1 Year Term

Kathi Boatright, Doug Ernst, Mary Pat Ernst, and  Kathy Carnell (1yr appt)

2 Year Term

Ed Balaban (Chair), Judy Smith (Vice-Chair)

 3 Year Term
 Jean Blackburn, Andrew Snyder, Jim Yencha


Parish Staff (Not Counted as voting member for quorum)

Fr. Nicholas Mammi, Pastor - 669-8200 x 30, Ms. Billie Schneider, Principal - 669-0048

RECORDER: (non-voting) Mary Monroe
SEMINARIAN: Jamie Hickman (non-voting)

Committee Chairpersons (Not standing members of Council) (do not count for quorum #) May be requested to attend for an agenda item;

PPC Chair will contact if they are required to attend meeting but when attending do not vote.

FINANCE: Susan Mole
PARISH LIFE:  Mike Farnum
SCHOOL BOARD: Kent Chitwood
HISPANIC CMT: Jean Blackburn & Lupe Morales

- Worship Committee reports will be provided to Council by Fr. Nicholas or Richard Davis

- Youth Ministry reports provided by Laura Cochrane or Sydney Farnum

- RCIA/Sacramental Prep. reports provided by Sydney Farnum

Parish Staff (Not standing members of Council; may be requested to attend;

PPC Chair will contact if they are required to attend meeting but when attending do not vote) (Do not count for quorum #)

Chris Neal: Director of Liturgy & Music
Sydney Farnum: Director of Christian Formation
Steve Helmbrecht: Director of Finance/Development
Rosie Mansfield: Ofc. Mgr
Betty Fitton: Ofc. Asst.
Vanessa Purdy: SSR/JHYM
Laura Cochrane: Leader of 1st Rec/Euch Prep & SHYM
Debbie Snyder: Bookkeeper
Daniel Tester: Maintenance Supervisor


The following link will give you a selection of documents that are used for reference during the year. This includes "Called to Serve". Diocese Publications: Document Center